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My thoughts attempted to convince me I was making up the tension between the physicians. My thoughts went on to justify how, if the tension was not imaginary, my accepting the job would help the situation. We must be wary any time we feel stress, fear, or confusion in our gut, or when our thoughts create a rationalization about someone or a situation. These feelings are a clear indication our mind is judging people and situations based on what it wants to be true.

When we pay attention to advice such as Slow down, or Wait, where are my keys? To avoid problems and have the best, safest, most trouble-free life possible, it pays to trust our inner knowing.


3 Easy Ways to Access Your Inner Knowing

Without fail, each time we courageously act upon its protective, loving, and responsible guidance, life is better for it. When have you discounted your inner wisdom, only to later learn that it was indeed correct? What do you think would have happened had you followed your heart in that situation?

When did you act upon your inner guidance? What was the outcome? Here are a few exercises that will help you connect to your inner knowing: Find a serene space, such as under a tree.

How to Tune Into Your Inner Knowing

Sit and observe the world around you. Keep your mind quiet. Note the colors and textures of the flowers and trees and clouds. Listen to the sound of birds and the leaves rustling in the breeze. Focus on your senses to go beyond your mind and into your inner self. Create a place of reverence in your home. Make it a space where you can light a candle or incense. Sit for five or ten minutes and ask Spirit to awaken your awareness to your deeper knowing. When you eat, slow down to really taste and smell the food.

3 Easy Ways to Access Your Inner Knowing - The Extraordinary Businesswoman

Envision it nurturing your body. When you shower, feel the water on your body. Stay aware of what you are doing, but at the same time try to clear your mind of specific thoughts.

The Secret of Inner Knowing! copy

Quiet your mind and allow yourself to be fully present with each action. When you are present with a still mind you can hear your inner self.

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Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Hierophant Publishing. Lead With Your Heart: Regina conducts workshops, teleclasses and one-on-one sessions to help people uncover love and meaningfulness in their lives. She lives in Los Angeles, CA. Visit her website at: What inner whispers have you been ignoring?

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Join the conversation with me on Facebook. Your email address will not be published. Be the first in line to learn about our next coaching group and receive free tools and goodies to get you started today. What is your inner knowing telling you? If you wake up with an, omg-DUH solution to a problem big or small , you may have just had a claircognizant experience.

Or maybe you woke up thinking about one of your friends, or knowing you should check in on your daughter.

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Either way, while your frontal lobe is away, your claircognizance will come out to play. Yes, this is a great excuse for a post-lunch snooze. Happy tears are shed, and the sparkling apple juice is popped open before 8am! While for some people, claircognizance is the way they primarily receive intuitive information, others have additional psychic abilities. Or maybe you were getting a sense to buy some of those baby clothes on sale at Target… even though your kids are in elementary school.

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Psychic sensing and feeling is known as being clairsentient. Here are 12 signs that clairsentience is one of your gifts.

5 Ways to Know Your Inner Knowing is Spot On

Is it telling you something similar? As you can see in this post , you can receive psychic impressions in LOTS of different ways! You may be having a claircognizant experience right then and there.

Your Inner Knowing Your Inner Knowing
Your Inner Knowing Your Inner Knowing
Your Inner Knowing Your Inner Knowing
Your Inner Knowing Your Inner Knowing
Your Inner Knowing Your Inner Knowing

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