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She then introduces him to the mysterious count number Silvio who claims he can get rid of the curse and set the ghost of his father and the opposite spirits to relaxation.

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By Dr Martin Garrett,Martin Garrett Martin Garrett's finished assortment offers and explains the background of the severe reception to Massinger's paintings from the early 17th to the overdue 19th century. Responses to Massinger's performs from writers as assorted as Boswell, Mrs Thrale, Dickens and Elizabeth Barrett Browning are mentioned in Martin Garrett's advent, which additionally comprises an account of the performs' unique political and theatrical context.

The Cambridge Companion to English Restoration Theatre This wealthy and sundry portrait of the drama from to presents scholars with crucial information regarding playwrights, staging and genres, situating them within the social and political tradition of the time.

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The Night Season; Shoreditch by Rebecca Lenkiewicz The evening Season'The evening Season is rare; no politics, no concerns, no background - only a daring try to grapple with the messy nature of residing. The Virgin Martyr , in which Dekker probably had a large share, is really a miracle play, dealing with the martyrdom of Dorothea in the time of Diocletian , and the supernatural element is freely used.

Caution must be used in interpreting this play as an elucidation of Massinger's views; it is not entirely his work. In The Renegado , however, the action is dominated by the beneficent influence of a Jesuit priest, Francisco, and the doctrine of baptismal regeneration is enforced. In The Maid of Honour a complicated situation is solved by the decision of the heroine, Camiola, to take the veil.

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For this she is held up "to all posterity a fair example for noble maids to imitate. Conversely, characters in Massinger's plays sometimes masquerade as Catholic clergy The Bashful Lover and even hear believers' confessions The Emperor of the East —a violation of a sacrament that would be surprising for a Catholic.

As noted above, Massinger placed moral and religious concerns over political considerations, in ways that offended the interests of king and state in his generation. While not a "democrat" in any modern sense no one in his society was , Massinger's political sympathies, insofar as we can determine them from his works, might have placed him in a predicament similar to that of the head of the house he revered, the Earl of Pembroke—who found that he could not support King Charles in the English Civil War , and became one of the few noblemen to back the Parliamentary side.

Massinger did not live long enough to have to take a position in that conflict. It seems doubtful whether Massinger was ever a popular playwright, for the best qualities of his plays would appeal rather to politicians and moralists than to the ordinary playgoer.

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He contributed, however, at least one great and popular character to the English stage. He made another considerable contribution to the comedy of manners in The City Madam. For an examination of William Shakespeare's influence on Massinger, see T.

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Eliot's essay on Massinger. It includes the famous line, "Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal Eliot at Frank Kermode, ed. With John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont: With John Fletcher and Nathan Field: With Thomas Middleton and William Rowley: Some of these "collaborations" are in fact more complex: It is not necessary to suppose that Massinger, Fletcher, Ford, and Rowley-or-Webster sat down in a room together to write a play.

More than a dozen of Massinger's plays are said to be lost, [1] though the titles of some of these may be duplicates of those of existing plays.

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Eleven of these lost plays were manuscripts used by John Warburton's cook for lighting fires and making pies. The tragedy The Jeweller of Amsterdam c. The list given above represents a consensus of scholarship; individual critics have assigned various other plays, or portions of plays, to Massinger—like The Faithful Friends , or the first two acts of The Second Maiden's Tragedy Massinger's independent works were collected by Thomas Coxeter 4 vols.

Monck Mason 4 vols. The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl: An Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Show sample text content.

Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series) Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)
Massinger (Critical Heritage Series)

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