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By purchasing the course you will get access to: To purchase the following texts from our SU Online Bookstore, click the links below: Formulas for Self-Transformation , by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. There are unnecessary and distracting hyphens throughout the text. Although I didn't read this whole book because of that, I worry that the text has been compromised as well. The original story is true, about one person's journey to his connection to source. It is not to be copied, but to be read in the version it was originally published, the Saint Germain Press.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Here is an astounding memoir of King's many visits with St.

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The Ascended Master takes King to hidden places and forgotten cities where we are told of magnificent surroundings and great inventions that seem miraculous. However, what we would deem as miracles, King says, are really natural phenomena not yet understood by our present society.

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  • King's memoir is at times stirring and at times tedious. The tedium comes from seemingly endless descriptions of opulence and speeches that tend toward preaching.

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    Yet his liberal use of dashes focuses our attention on the important words of his message in a way that in most cases allows us to be stirred. Within us an understanding of Scripture and perhaps our own experiences arise, and we see a connection. Those interested in spiritual growth may want to read again and again the parts that explain the I AM affirmations and the necessity to lead a God-centered life.

    The practices explained here are instructive and beneficial enough to be life-changing. And although King describes the treasures that St. Germaine shows him ad nauseum, the real treasure in this book is the guidance to personal perfection. It can awaken in the reader a deep yearning for that perfection and for a relationship with the spiritual.

    This book is intriguing and full of great truths.

    by Godfré Ray King

    What it is not filled with is punctuation. It could have so benefitted by having an editor. I realize with material of this sort that one doesn't want an editor who might change the meaning of the message. But the book is filled with lengthy sentences that are missing half a dozen commas apiece. For that reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I have to read each sentence a couple of times to figure out what the author was saying and if there were commas between the thoughts he groups together into one sentence it would be SO much easier to read!

    This book is life changing.

    I am on volume 9 right now. Each of these volumes gives us more insight into what life is all about. I am so thankful that I ran across these books. We are all entitled to a peaceful and harmonious life. You will find out how to get that in these teachings. When I first started reading the books, I would get to a point of not really understanding completely what was being explained but I kept reading because the things I did understand were making sense and helping me.

    I am so glad that I kept on reading. Each volume makes it clearer and clearer.

    Unveiled Mysteries

    This "I AM" teaching is life changing. Things in my everyday life have gotten so much easier and I am at peace no matter what is happening. I have learned how to really look at life and deal with it in a positive way. These are NOT your run of the mill positive thinking books. You will learn to tap into the "I AM" power that is available to you.

    You will learn affirmations and decrees that will help you and your family and friends and our whole wonderful world. If you are looking for answers, just give the first three volumes a try and you will see how easy it is to get the answers you are looking for. The instructions and suggestions of Saint Germain are clear and within reach of all. Readers may want to read both books carefully in order to appreciate teachings and more subtle points conveyed by Saint Germain. In reading, one discovers how our lives are intricately woven into those of others who have a connection to us and how serendipitous situations arise, seemingly by accident or chance.

    But as Saint Germain says, there are no accidents. I recommend a hardcopy of the book, since readers will be thumbing through its pages often through the years.

    Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries
    Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries
    Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries
    Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries
    Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries
    Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries

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