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Ones that are man-made and ones we can't explain.

And when they do, I rejoice. But they don't happen often enough for my liking at least one miracle in the world every day would be lovely and so I have to make some up.

It's probably why I became a writer, so I could live in magical made-up worlds most of the time. I write to lift my own heart and those of my readers. Personally, I don't understand why people urge others to be "realistic" -- usually just another word for "pessimistic" -- as if expecting the worst will somehow cushion the blow if the worst actually happens. In my experience it's just the opposite. Optimistic people tend to bounce back from bad things much better than pessimistic ones. I feel they also make friends and find love more easily.

And, in my experience, optimistic people lead much happier lives in general while not worrying and anticipating awful events around every corner.

Why We All Need a Little Magic in Our Lives | HuffPost

Real life can be difficult enough, being too realistic will only make you depressed. If you are feeling a bit uninspired and stuck, it might be time for you to shake things up and get a little curious about life again. Ask questions, learn a new hobby, join a meet-up group and get involved in your community. Travel to new places and try new foods or simply take a stroll through your local library to learn about a topic you've always been curious about.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is often enough to put the spark back in your seemingly dull life.

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There is nothing more magical than letting loose and having a bit of fun. Life is an adventure that is meant to be enjoyed, so grab your bucket list and start ticking things off and if you don't have one, make one! Give yourself permission to have fun every single day and watch how it shifts every area of your life for the better. Find your high vibe tribe. Surrounding yourself with other high vibe people is priceless when it comes to cultivating magic in your life.

When like-minded souls connect there is an energy and vibration that is palpable and contagious. It not only changes lives, but it has the power to change the world.

11 Brilliant Ways to Unlock the Magic of Life

Join a mastermind, workshop, or better yet start one! Building a community of people who can share, connect, and celebrate one another creates a magnificent ripple effect across the world. Don't forget to dream. It's easy to get so wrapped up in life's day-to-day responsibilities that you forget about your own dreams and aspirations. When was the last time you allowed yourself to really dream of the life or career you desire? What is your soul craving in this very moment?

Give yourself permission to dream again and then set a plan to make your dreams a reality. There is nothing more magical than living the life your soul craves. Lean into the unknown. For some people myself included not knowing what lies ahead can often be a scary thing and that is usually because we have come to expect the worst. When you shift your focus to expect the best in life, there is no need to fear the unknown.

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Instead, you can lean into it with the same sense of wonder and magic you had as a child. And, we can point out things like this to people whom we don't know across on the other side of the world while sitting in our nice warm houses. Where the rules are simpler, philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy.

I do have magical powers I am standing behind you right now, no really look Movies, TV and video games are not magic.

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Magic Phenomena depicted in them are fantasy, and do not follow physical law. As per D H's Feynman quote, you live in the wrong universe. Jump, from a really high place, with no means of safely decelerating.

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The Universe didn't provide for them. If it did, they wouldn't be magic, they would be common, like spitting, burping, and sweating.

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Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic? Shall We Have Magic?
Shall We Have Magic?

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