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Lord Shiva is also known as Adiyogi Shiva regarded as the patron god of yoga, meditation and arts. The main iconography attributes of Lord Shiva are:.

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Lord Shiva is usually worshiped in the aniconic form of Lingam aka Shiva Lingam. Oo sankataah haraah… Kala vimochanaah….. Om namashivaya vazhka vazhka! Om sachithanantham vazhka vazhka! Om sarkuru Nathan vazhka vazhka.

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  • As Shiva is important the Parvathi is also important both form the creation as Shiva is purush and Parvati is prakruthi both purush and prakruthi forms the creation. God Shiva is everthing without him there is nothing. God Shiva is beginning as well as end. The whole universe is in him. Nobody or no one deity can understand his whole form. When there was nothing he existed and now there is everything he exists. All of us should pray him.

    God hanuman is the passionate devotee of Lord Rama.

    Lord Hanuman is considered as one of the most physically strongest gods of all. Lord Hanuman is also known as the God of Power. Ganesh is one of the most worshipped deities in Hinduism.

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    Worshipping of lord Ganapati is widely diffused and extended to Jains and Buddhists. Find rest in the arms of God, your dearly loving Father. But the amazing thing about God, is that He is not only a father — the Bible also describes God as a mother who tenderly cares for us: The Mother Heart of God: If you long to know more about the Mother heart of God, this unique book will be a real blessing for you.

    The next images show us something of the breathtaking glory of God our Creator. The splendor of nature shows us how incredibly beautiful God is. He is the Source of Life, the Great Creator, the Mastermind who invented all these mind-blowing miracles. No man will ever be able to imitate it, let alone create it! God is not only extremely powerful, He is also amazingly tender and He has full attention for the small things. This helps us understand He is also full of attention for the details of our lives.

    You are not too small for God and your life is not too small for Him. And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. His heart is so creative and so beautiful… His entire character is so glorious and full of goodness.

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    • It is this goodness we see reflected in these images of nature. First of all He saves us from our sins , and the consequential judgement we deserve because of our transgressions.

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      He died for us, at the cross, to pay for our sins. No man can know what Jesus christ went through, in order to save mankind from the eternal grip of satan and sin. One of their faces is a flying eagle. When we have faith in the goodness and love of God , we also spread our spiritual wings and rise up to higher realms, where we can see into the future.

      When we go through the storms of life, and everything in and around us is shaken to the core, God is our one and only unshakable rock of refuge. These images show how God helps us in times of need and gives us peace in the mists of trouble. He gives us supernatural faith to overcome obstacles and walk in His victory.

      1. Embodied Imago Dei

      When we are filled with the Holy Spirit we can enter into the glorious presence of God, through prayer and worship. Focus on God, not on yourself, and see His splendor, His greatness, His majesty and His eternal love. Worship Him for who He is and give your all to Him. Let these God images inspire you to spend more time in prayer and worship, to experience the wonderful glory of God, in your life. Jesus christ said that whoever followed Him, would no longer walk in darkness but He would give them the light of life.

      The light of life is the opening of our inner eyes for who God is.

      Images of God Images of God
      Images of God Images of God
      Images of God Images of God
      Images of God Images of God
      Images of God Images of God

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