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Chicken Trek

Oscar Noodleman is the unwilling accomplice of a mad-scientist cousin in a loony attempt to win a chicken-eating contest first prize: There are echoes of Daniel Pinkwater here, and the Monty Python school of humor--the cousins travel in a Picklemobile; they meet up with an adversary named Madame Gulbenkian; and the comedy comes from outrageous, comic-book exaggeration rather than witty and stylish prose. Various scientific inventions, magic charms, and coincidences play havoc with the journey of Oscar and his cousin, Professor Prechtwinkle; that they're ultimately successful won't surprise the reader very much.

All in all, a loopy story, played more for laughs than logic; it would be tim to read aloud to a classroom of cabin-feverish fourth graders.

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Chickens have been brought out into the galaxy by Human colonists living on other planets. Scotty once jokingly claimed to have sacrificed a chicken and two goats to a computer in order to convince the technology to function again, in reference to an ancient practice of those who believed Lucien 's magic.

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TAS - Log Three novelization: The Magicks of Megas-Tu. When describing the walking huts of Baba Yaga on the planet Mussourgsky , Spock said that they had "chicken legs".

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He suggested that Binderian Ensign Obal would be happier in a different department, but Obal was resolute in his resolve to be a security officer. Obal was also subjected to cruel remarks about his chicken-like anatomy from Ensign Joseph Caber. In the age of Rohypnol, this is kinda not cool.

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodle s: It has quite a fun, vivid fantasy landscape and would have made a nice film, and encourages kids to use their imaginations to see the world in a different way.

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  8. As I get down this massive, horrifyingly long list, I realize a good part of my childhood was shaped by my elementary school library not throwing out a wide number of titles dating back to the s and s. Google turns up that the original stories are on Google Books for free: More on his various books on Wikipedia! If this has unearthed any repressed memories for you or has inspired you to look something up you missed, please let me know.

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