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Yiyun Li–“A Man Like Him” (New Yorker, May 12, 2008)

Action , suspense, passion and drama loads and loads of drama!

Paperback Editions

I bawled my eyes during most of this read, but as all readers know tears are the sign that a book is a not just a book it is the perfect escape into a whole other world and the more you cry the more you know the author has done her job by climbing right into your soul. I highly recommend this read for all fans of dramatic, action packed romance reads. You will be blown away by Rachel Brimble and her simply fantastic world! Rachel bring on the next one NOW! Jul 31, Irene rated it it was amazing.

I truely enjoyed this book and honestly, by the half way mark,,,I couldn't put it down!! Dec 14, Julie Gettys rated it it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Rachel is a wonderful writer. Her characters are well developed. There's plenty of emotions both in the love story and the mystery. As in all these books the romance concluding on a positive note is a forgone conclusion, so we have to have enough reason to believe these two will have trouble pulling this off. The author does drum up enough tension between Chris and Angela to go their separate ways, but the mystery and fine writing save the day.

I enjoyed this book I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

Rachel writes from the heart and says it splendidly. I have already preordered her next book due out in February, Apr 06, Stephanie Cage rated it it was amazing. I fell in love with Templeton Cove in 'Finding Justice' and in 'A Man Like Him' we get to learn more about the people in this charming seaside village, and to see what happens to Cat and Jay after the end of their story. Chris, Cat's brother, is a perfectly believable character and a perfect hero: Angela, the manager of Templeton Cove's holiday park, is so clearly the person who brings out the best in him, but their relationship is convincingly threatened by her stalker ex-husband.

Everything about this story was believable and exciting with the possible exception of how easy it was for Angela to keep a gun, and how unfussed the police seemed to be by the fact that she was prepared to defend herself with it Jan 06, Cristi rated it really liked it. To be honest I liked it more than I thought I would. It seemed like it would be one of those romance novels that was overkill on the cheesy romance.

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This book was not. Angela's character was really reluctant to be with Chris. Chris was a little too perfect. I know that it was mentioned that he had a bad past, but it seemed like he was too perfect in the present. It may sound horrible but I would have liked to hear more about Angela's past with Robert. Overall this book was a pretty good romance novel. I would recommend this for all those who like "trashy" romance novels because this one is actually worth the read.

Aug 20, Andrea rated it really liked it.

See a Problem?

I was excited to have another opportunity to read and review a book by Rachel Brimble. I had my first taste of her earlier this year and had a feeling that I would like this book as much as the other one. Before the book even gets started, Rachel tells us that this is more of a personal story for her, as she and her family were among those who were caught in the floods of and had to be rescused from a rooftop. Others weren't so lucky. I could feel her emotion as she relived that I was excited to have another opportunity to read and review a book by Rachel Brimble. I could feel her emotion as she relived that experience by writing a similar disaster in this story.

I even had a tear or two in my eyes as I tried to imagine the horror. Luckily, that horrible part doesn't go on forever. The flood is the foundation for the good, the bad, and the ugly that happens in this story, but it isn't the whole story. I do think she could write another book based on her experiences, though. Anyway, both Chris and Angela are damaged souls. Chris is trying to get over losing his fiancee to another man. Angela has been on the run from an abusive husband. Yes, they are drawn together thanks to a tragedy, but are both also reawakened. The threat of Robert coming after Angela bonds them as Angela is determined to stop living her life in fear and Chris is determined to actually take care of someone about whom he cares deeply.

At the same time, they are both quite fearful of giving in to someone again, after having been so hurt in the past. I can't say that I blame them. A rapidly developing romance based on crisis and fear isn't one that is necessarily going to make it long-term.


The two of them have plenty of ups and downs as they try to protect themselves from the psychotic ex-husband who is now threatening all of Rachel's loved ones. They have a long road ahead of them, should they decide to maintain this relationship. There are a lot of pros and cons, but you find yourself rooting for them to make it and hope they can find the same faith in love that you have as the reader.

There is plenty of action and suspense as they are forced to take matters into their own hands when it comes to apprehending Robert. It's not an FBI thriller, but will still keep you glued to the Kindle screen. Yes, it is somewhat predictable and formulaic, but the storytelling makes it worth it.

Rachel has successfully added unique story ideas to a familiar plot, to make it her own. I found this to be a great escape and yet again look forward to reading another one of her books. I received a complimentary ecopy in exchange for my honest review. Received 4 stars RT Book Reviews.

Aug 01, Harlequin Books added it Shelves: Jan 03, Melissa Basnight rated it really liked it. Chris is staying at the Holiday park in Templeton Cove to recover from his fiancee's betrayal. He wasn't looking to start another relationship, but he thought Angela was a very sexy woman. A storm came through and caused flooding in the park and cause lots of damage and devastation.

Angela and Chris were trying to save people during the flooding. Angela didn't want her picture to get out to the public so her ex would find out where she was. Angela has become a very strong person and doesn't want Chris is staying at the Holiday park in Templeton Cove to recover from his fiancee's betrayal. Angela has become a very strong person and doesn't want to be in a controlling and abusive relationship again.

A Man Like Him (Templeton Cove, #2) by Rachel Brimble

She was afraid to love again or have a man in her life. Chris helped her to see she could be independent and be in a relationship. The story kept me engaged and wanting to see how the story ends. Apr 07, Tracy Sylvester rated it it was amazing. Angela Taylor had a marriage made of nightmares. Now she is divorced, living in a new town, and wanting to move on with her life.

When Chris Forrester shows up and catches Angela's attention she immediately thinks the new stranger to her vacation spot may be on the lurk for her ex-husband. Chris is trying to mend a broken heart and feels drawn to Angela. This book has romance, intrigue, mystery and excitement all wrapped into it.

Definite page turner, you won't want to put it down.

A Man Like Him

Dec 14, Lucinda rated it liked it. This truly is a touching romantic tale that warms the heart and makes little butterflies tremor in your tummy.

The unexpected depth of emotion and profound poignancy within this stirring story caught me unawares, as the author evidently wrote this tale with sincerity and injected within it her own personal feelings. Chris is physically good looking and soon they become closer, and yet there is always that invisible barrier in-between them that threatens a more intimate and deeper relationship.

How can Angela tell him that getting close to her will endanger his life? At least, that's what Angela keeps telling herself… Both Angela and Chris are fantastic, strong characters whose story and journey really captures your interest from the first instance that you encounter them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this engaging, compelling story and so I highly recommend it. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the author and also Carol for the giveaway of this brilliant book! Aug 07, Mandi Schreiner rated it liked it Shelves: I feel like the suspense over-powered the romance.

And I didn't like the end.

Kindle Editions

This is the 1st book I read by Rachel Brimble. I liked how Angela helped save everyone. I thought Angela was so brave. I didn't like how Angela treated Chris. The rest of this story didn't really interest me. Alicia rated it it was ok Oct 15, Folashade rated it it was amazing Jul 01, Jen rated it really liked it May 18, Eva rated it liked it Oct 28, And once the girl turned eighteen she sued her father, suspecting that another woman had seduced hm away from her mother.

She said that he should be punished for abandoning his family and for the immoral act of taking a mistress. She had also created a website to humiliate the man. She wanted him to lose his job, his freedom and his mistress. Teacher Fei had a woman come in to help with his mother. He used this time to go to the internet cafe. He went there regularly—so regular that the owner told him he should just buy his own computer to save money. Only to find them taken down soon afterward. After several days of this, he decides that he has to look up the father. The man is easily found the girl posted all of his info online.

He needs to talk to the man and show him some support. And slowly we learn what had gotten teacher Fei so worked up. Their connection seemed tenuous and totally unrelated until we learn what the truth actually is. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him
A Man like Him A Man like Him

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