The Assateauge Incident

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In recent years, N2BH had been treated annually with contraceptives as part of a broader effort to maintain the size of the wild horse population at a sustainable level. In addition to providing a unique and very popular recreational opportunity, the hunting program is used to manage resident deer populations.

Two species of deer are found on Assateague; the native white-tailed deer and the non-native sika deer, introduced to the island during the s. Without the control provided by hunting, the sika deer population would quickly grow and harm the island environment. Hunting was authorized by the Federal legislation that established the National Seashore in From the nature of the wound, it appears that the horse died almost immediately from the gun shot.

Assateague's Wild Horses Get Too Close To Company

Regardless of whether the shooting was accidental or not, the failure to report the incident violates National Park Service regulations and we intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. She did confirm the incident occurred last Saturday, but park officials were not notified until two days later on Monday.

  • Incident Renews Importance Of Following Assateague Island’s Pet Laws!
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  • The photos show two dogs, clearly wearing collars, nipping at the hind legs of the horse known as Susi Sole, who was born in the Assateague State Park campground area in and is known to frequent the developed areas on the Maryland side of the barrier island. While she could not comment specifically on the ongoing investigation, Davis did reiterate the importance of following the rules regarding pets on Assateague. These regulations are in place to protect wildlife, visitors and the dog.

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    • Last month, the popular stallion Jester was struck by a vehicle and killed near the entrance to the park. Pets are permitted only in specific areas of the Maryland portion of the barrier island and must be kept on a leash no longer than six-feet at all times.

      Pets are prohibited in the entire Virginia portion of Assateague even in a vehicle as well as all back-country campsites, nature trails, lifeguard-protected beaches, portions of the Assateague State Park and the entire area north of the state park.

      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident
      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident
      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident
      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident
      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident
      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident
      The Assateauge Incident The Assateauge Incident

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