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Even small delays in diagnosis and treatment can lead to infertility and even death. Things in this group have the highest cancer risk — cigarettes and asbestos are also in Group I.

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The British Government issued a warning to the doctors in the country to be especially aware of this potential complication. The above label comprehension tests for Plan B indicate that safe self-medication is not possible for a significant segment of the population. Randomized controlled trial of levonorgestrel versus the Yuzpe regimen of combined oral contraceptives for emergency contraception. This causes a very early abortion. I recognize that I'm a planner. Just ask my husband, and he will tell you that our weekends are overscheduled and I already have our vacations planned for the next three years.

I am also a planner when it comes to my career, as I've always had a "master career plan.

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Almost 20 years ago, I was single and working in Atlanta. My friends were all prepping for the GMAT, and while I had never planned to go to business school, I figured I could take the course and exam if all my "running buddies" were going to be busy for the next six weekends anyway. Thus, what started as a very random decision turned into one of the biggest career changes of my life -- attending Wharton business school.

Always have a "Plan B. I started creating "Plan B's" at a young age, such as, "If I don't win the seventh grade student council election, it will give me more time to try for captain of the basketball team. I feel more comfortable jumping from a "secure nest" if I always know what I would do if my first decision does not work out.

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About three years ago, I left Silicon Valley and one of the largest software firms in the world to join a startup in Utah. Although at the time the company had zero revenue, I whole-heartedly believed in the founder's vision.

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While this arguably could be conceived as a risky move, I felt comfortable doing it because I crafted my Plan B. I kept up my network in Silicon Valley and took every recruiter call I received to keep those connections warm. I also made sure my husband was on board with the potential of a quick move back to Silicon Valley, if needed.

Thankfully, my company has been extremely successful, and I have never needed to exercise my "Plan B" -- but just knowing it was there made me more comfortable. It's "OK" to deviate from your master plan.

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If you stick to "Plan A" at all costs, you are going to miss some amazing opportunities. In the mid s, I joined a strategy-consulting firm where I loved the work and planned to become a partner. But I was living in San Francisco and it was the height of the tech craziness.

Life in Plan B Life in Plan B
Life in Plan B Life in Plan B
Life in Plan B Life in Plan B
Life in Plan B Life in Plan B
Life in Plan B Life in Plan B
Life in Plan B Life in Plan B
Life in Plan B Life in Plan B

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