Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)

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Sonatas (24) for piano (transcriptions of D. Scarlatti), H. 143, DLR 6:1

Bookmark Page facebook twitter Sort List By: G major — Presto Looking for fast very fast scale runs interspersed with a beautiful staccato melody? Look no further than this sparkling gigue. Great show off piece. If you want to develop a certain kind of technique, burn the Czerny and play this sonata instead. A major - Allegro — Virtuoso piece alternating relatively calm sections with dazzling scale runs. F minor — Allegro — A not too fast, beautiful two voice invention that moves in a relentless way with one of the most beautiful motifs of all sonatas.

Broken chords figuration in both hands. Harmonically adventurous and mood setting. B minor — Allegro This is my all time favourite Scarlatti sonata. Surprisingly romantic, could very well have been composed by someone like Schubert. Arpeggio figurations and lots of crossing hands. G minor - Moderato — A beautiful and complex fugue.

D minor — Aria Lyrical sonata much easier than it sounds. Although just one page long it requires some musical maturity to be truly effective. This is an ideal piece to open a recital, since it is slow and introspective it will calm you down. This is a real gem. Only 24 bars long, technically unchallenging grade 3 , and yet one of the most beautiful sonatas. Slow paced and exuding tranquillity, this reflective piece is the best of the four.

A slow thoughtful piece, only 28 bars long A major — Allegro — Fast and furious, full of nervous energy. Excellent for waking up the audience! Figurations are shared equally by both hands. Excellent Czerny replacement and superior warm up piece. Equally effective at a slower tempo. A nice minuet only a page long 24 bars — amongst the easiest of Scarlatti pieces G minor — Allegrissimo Ferocious and virtuosistic sonata.

E major — Presto This one of my favourite fast sonatas. One of the most catchy motifs amongst all sonatas it makes one wish to dance and jump for joy. This is amazing music. D minor — Andante moderato — Wonderful sonata, lyrical and devotional, uplifting and tranquil. Written mostly in 3-voice counterpoint. A minor — Allegro After a typical plaintive start in A minor, it suddenly displays a most romantic theme. The main difficulty is to be found in the several bars where the hands cross. There are some thirds and sixths but they are easily negotiable. G major — Allegro — Also known as Capriccio, this is celebratory, joyful and uplifting music that is much easier to play than it sounds.

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An all time favourite. Wide skips, echo effects, but fits the hand surprisingly well. F minor My favourite amongst the slow, lyrical sonatas, this is a hauntingly beautiful piece with a complex polyphonic texture — difficult to read but easy to play. Spend sometime analysing its structure before tackilng it at the piano. Bb major - Allegro A two voice invention with a third voice intruding on the last two bars of the first part , this is excellent for finger and hand independence.

D minor — Moderato e cantabile — minuet Painfully nostalgic and evocative lyrical sonata followed by a lively minuet. B minor - Andante Intensely lyrical work of great musical depth. Couterpoint in three and four parts. Said to be Horowitz favourite Scarlatti sonata.

It has everything in it: Horn calls, fast repeated notes, trills, suspensions, cross relations, parallel fifths, big leaps, scale runs and guitar imitations. E minor — Alegrissimo Wonderful study in rhythm with unexpected developments, suspensions and syncopations.

C minor - — A beautiful , tranquil and lyrical sonata that grows in emotional intensity as it develops. A minor — Adagio — Beautiful lyrical writing in three and four part couterpoint. Excellent as a study in voicing. Recital material for the intermediate player. Bb major - Allegro — A beautiful, lyrical sonata. D major — Allegro — Another sonata ideally suited to replace some of the common technical studies. Fast repeated notes, broken chords, arpeggios, leaps, crossing hands, scale runs. This unusual, percussive — watch out for the castanet sounds!

D minor — Allegro A fast sonata full of nervous energy, this is the cross hand piece to end all cross hand pieces! Leaping bass figures, double notes in both hands. Eb major — Allegro — Joyful and uplifting. G major — Allegro Tired of practising arpeggios? Try this sonata instead. A breezy arpeggio study with very fast triplet semiquavers.

Go and jump on a lake, Hanon!. G major — Vivo — This non-stop sonata will not allow you to catch your breath! Great fun to play and an excellent virtuosistic piece to end a recital on a high note. If you are looking for a Czerny alternative look no further: Also good practice for quick adjustments. One of my all time favourites. E major — Allegro Dazzling finger work alternating with slow episodes in 4-voice counterpoint. D minor — Allegro — A masterpiece. A fast toccata with lots of repeated notes over long stretches.

Broken chords and skips. Virtuosic with dissonant guitar strumming in the left hand and lots of cross hands. Excellent as a study replacement. Although it sounds dazzling and virtuosic it is much easier than it sounds. Main difficulty are the fast alternating hands. E minor — Lento A beautiful lyrical and reflective sonata. E major - Andante After a slow, lyrical beginning all hell breaks loose, and a fast, dazzling sonata ensues with occasional returns to the slow theme. The left hand which demands a hand span covering at least an octave plays sonorous chords and tone clusters — with up to ten notes!

This Sonata was composed in Here Scarlatti succeeds in making conventional harmonies with slight changes sound quite extraordinary for the period. The Sonata has real Spanish character with vitality and bravura. Musically, the guitar-like sounds of the left hand chords are particularly fascinating. E flat major - Allegretto — A beautiful, lyrical sonata not too slow. B minor - Andante — Sonata in a lyric, cantabile style, moderately flowing. E minor — Allegro — A masterpiece. Dramatic and powerful, this 2 voice invention with a third voice intruding on 4 bars near the start of the second part is still effective at a slower tempo.

An insistent and catchy motif keeps bringing the sonata together. Requires a sizeable hand span and accurate skips in some of the figurations. A major — Andante e cantabile — Lyrical sonata, with a hauntingly beautiful melody and compelling harmonic progressions. Tranquil and luminous, this is a masterpiece. A major — Allegro Uplifiting sonata, not too fast. D minor - Andante — Another of my favourites amongst the lyrical sonatas.

A slow, full-of-longing melody increases gradually in intensity up to an unusual harmonic climax. Great to play and to listen to. E major — Andante — Sudden shifts of key abound in this sonata. C minor — Allegro — Beautiful lyrical sonata slightly reminiscent of K 69 with a weaving three voice counterpoint. Enharmonic modulations and movement into remote keys. G major — Andante — A two and three voice invention. Slightly reminiscent of K F major — Andante An unusual key that suggests that Scarlatti was familiar with equal temperament tuning.

A lyrical and calm sonata. Amajor - Allegro A delicate, joyful sonata with a Mozartian flavour. Excellent for finger control and co-ordination, it is actually much easier than it sounds.

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Great fun to play. G minor — Presto a fugato Wonderful sonata with scales some chromatic alternating hands over the whole extent of the keyboard. E major — Allegro — This beautiful two-voice invention is excellent for finger and hand co-ordination and independence. A most beautiful melody on the second part. F minor - Another sonata full of brilliance, with fast scales and compelling harmonic progressions.

E minor — Andante One of my favourites slow sonatas. Harmonically advanced and elaborate — at seven pages is one of the longest sonatas - this is a masterful sonata with a superb central melody. A major — Beautiful lyrical sonata and technically undemanding.

C major — Allegro. This is joyful music that makes you want to skip and jump and dance! This is the kind of music that makes you smile for hours after listening to it. This cures depression, serious! Great for your trills and glissando-like scales.

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It is said to represent children running through the streets of Madrid. G minor — Andante Another beautiful lyrical sonata, deeply reflective and tranquil, and not at all melancholic. Rich textures and highly musical. Very good as a study in long phrases. G major — Prestissimo Wonderfully exhilarating sonata, both to play and to listen to. A really electric and uplifting work requiring pianism of the utmost degree. Has a recurring motif that is incredibly joyful and catchy. My favourite fast sonata. But only if you play it at top speed. It is still effective at lower speeds. A major - Allegro — Lyrical and gently lilting sonata.

Counterpoint in three and four parts. Although this should be played fast, it is still effective if use a slower tempo. D major - Allegro — One of my all time favourites, After a rhythmic introduction characteristic of Spanish dances, a most gentle and evocative melody develops.

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F major - Pastorale: Allegrissimo In spite of the tempo direction this is a relatively slow sonata, lyrical and reflexive. G major — Andante spirituoso After a calm opening and nice little folk-like tune this sonata goes onto a breathless sequence of scurrying scales and broken chords over the entire length of the keyboard on both hands.

Good Czerny replacement and warm-up piece. C major — Allegro A beautiful sonata full of guitar sounds and Spanish nostalgia. A fast introduction is followed by a most evocative second part. F minor — Andante moderato - A masterpiece. Beautiful, slow lyrical sonata. As it is often the case with the lyrical sonatas, this one elicits tranquillity and peacefulness rather than melancholy and grief. Excellent for developing rhythm awareness of triplets versus quavers. It also has 3 against 2. G major — Allegretto — Starts with determined, percussive chords, which are followed by a fast figuration of great delicacy equally shared between the hands.

Good Czerny replacement and warm up. Fast and dazzling this sonata exudes confidence. D major — Andante cantabile — Beautiful lyrical sonata and one of the longest. Uses the whole keyboard. F minor — Andante e cantabile Introspective, delicate and lyrical this could be an ideal choice for opening a recital. And if you need a study in phrasing and legato this sonata is for you! C major — Allegro A percussive sonata, full of zest and unresolved dissonances that make it sound brittle and sharp.

Difficult octave leaps on the left hand.

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D major — Allegro — Rhythmical percussive beginning followed by a romantic arpeggiated section not unlike a Schubert impromptu with a most pleasing melody. C major — Allegro — Inventive sonata with many original musical ideas. Dotted figuration, including dotted rests. D major — Allegro — A masterpiece. This is a 2 voice invention with the figurations equally distributed between the hands. Urgent and dramatic it will still be effective at a slower tempo. Technical problems are minimal. C major — Pastorale: Moderato — Molto allegro — Presto One of the few sonatas written in different movements tempos.

Shepherd pipes and bagpipes drones are imitated.

Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)
Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)
Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)
Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)
Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)
Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)
Sonata in A major  (K537/P541/L293) Sonata in A major (K537/P541/L293)

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